The Lagoon of Seven Colours

If you’re heading to Mexico and want somewhere relatively untouched and peaceful then head to Lake Bacalar – otherwise known as The Lagoon of Seven Colours.

The entire lake is utterly serene. The water is crystal clear and when the sun hits the surface it reflects in an array of different shades of blue. The area isn’t built up at all. It’s really rural with only a few restaurants and hotels dotted around. Whilst this has its drawbacks it makes the experience incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

So what is there to do around Bacalar? Well there’s the town for more generic shops and restaurants but what you really want to be doing is heading out on the lake itself. So try kayaking.

You can do a half or full day tour where a guide will take you around the edge of the lake, stopping along the way for breaks and a swim. The best time to go is just before sunset. Paddling back just as the sun is setting is a magical experience. The only sound you can hear is of the water and the animals and nature around you.

In terms of where to stay the obvious choice is somewhere around the lake itself. In the morning you can walk out and have your coffee or breakfast on one of the many boardwalks that surround it. Be prepared for a very rural experience though. A lot of the local hotels are very natural and environmentally conscious and so you may find yourself without lighting or power in some places. It’s all part of the fun but consider beforehand how long you’re prepared for something like that.

If you need advice about which kayaking company to go for check out Active Nature. Our guide was super knowledgeable and made it, without a doubt, one of the best tours we did during our whole trip in Mexico.


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