Diving Cancun’s Underwater Museum in Mexico and More

Mexico is a holidaymakers paradise. It’s got the perfect combination of beach, culture and nightlife, with some incredibly beautiful sights along the way. And the first place you should visit is Cancun… the actual location is very average but what it has to offer is on another level.

Cancun is famous for its underwater museum, MUSA. Over 470 statues rest on the bottom of the seabed and you can dive down to see it. The only thing you can hear is the sound of your own breathing, hundreds of statues sit motionless around you with fish darting around them. The whole experience is breathtaking, if not a little creepy.

The museum is actually the result of a conservation project. The ecosystem had begun to suffer due to the number of tourists visiting the area, so the locals decided to create an artificial reef. They designed statues varying from real life replicates of people from the village to shapes like household objects and even a car. They then placed them on the bottom of the seabed and coral began to grow on the statues. The idea was that over time it would prosper, becoming a haven for marine life.

So if that’s something you fancy then you’ve got two options when visiting the museum: you can snorkel or dive. Unless you can confidently swim down several metres then snorkelling is a waste of money. You’ll only be able to see the top of the statues heads and you can forgot about getting any decent pictures. The best option is to dive. You can weave your way in and out of the spooky underwater spectacle with ease.

But what if you’ve never dived before? Your best bet is to book through Aquaworld. They run a Discover Scuba course which teaches you the basics of diving in a pool before taking you to the site for your first proper dive. It’s expensive but well worth the extra money. The whole process is incredibly slick and professional which is so important when doing something like diving.

The museum is without a doubt one of the best things you’ll experience in Mexico and unlike anything you will have seen before. But that’s not all Cancun has to offer…

There’s an island just off the coast of Cancun called Isle Mujeres which is well worth a visit. With white sands and clear blue waters it’s paradise. Boats run every hour from the coast of Cancun to the island so you can make your way there really easily.

Once you get there your best bet is to wander around the markets before heading up to Playa Norte where you can relax at one of the many beach restaurants for a drink and some food. If you fancy venturing up the island a bit further then grab a taxi and head to Tortuga Granja, it’s a small turtle sanctuary which is adorable.

The island life itself is very slow and relaxed. People don’t rush here so take your time.

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap to stay in Cancun then head to Mezcal. It’s a really vibrant hostel with a pool, bar and most importantly a good atmosphere. Not only that but both breakfast and dinner is included in your stay. They’ve also got activities going on almost every hour of the day so keeping entertained and making friends isn’t a problem.

If you’ve got a bigger budget then head to the hotel zone for more luxurious accommodation. The hotel zone is also the location of most of Cancun’s nightlife. It’s filled with a number of bars including the renowned Coco Bongo.


Want to know where to head after Cancun? Check out Chichen Itza – a Wonder of the World



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