When in Sunny Samara

Samara – the sunniest place in Costa Rica. Right by the beach it’s the perfect way to end your travels, by relaxing! The only problem with Samara is in monsoon season. For every sunny morning there’s an afternoon of torrential rain, it’s all part of the fun though…

The first thing you need to try in Samara is snorkelling. Head on over to Chora island by kayak, once you’re there your guide will probably refresh you with pineapple and mango fruit pieces. You can then venture into the ocean once your kitted out to see what you can find. Look out for all the colourful coral, butterfly fish, puffers and if you’re lucky you might even see an octopus.

If you fancy going on a bit of an adventure hire out a quad bike and see what you find. Along with the thrill of driving around you’ll also find some great off the beaten track spots. Be careful though quads are notoriously dangerous, but as long as you’re sensible and don’t go speeding off they’re really good fun.

If you’re looking to relax and pamper yourself there’s a few beauty parlours around where you can get your nails done or have a relaxing massage. And at night if you fancy a dance there’s a great salsa bar in the centre, the locals love it and might even teach you a few tricks!

Another great thing to do in Samara is go for food. There are loads of cheery restaurants to take your fancy and the seafood is divine.


If it’s culture, colour and adventure you’re after then Costa Rica is definitely the place for you.


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