Monteverde – The Cloud Forest

Monteverde – otherwise known as the cloud forest. Which is literally as it sounds, a forest of clouds. Why? Because you’re so high up. And because of that it’s one of the coldest places in Costa Rica.

So switch your swim stuff for scarves and wrap up warm because this place is well worth a visit.


So what’s there to do? 

A first has got to be the hanging bridges. Guided by an expert you navigate your way around nine different hanging bridges in the forest. Up in the air your guide will point out all the various types of birds and wildlife. And on top of that it will give you the experience of walking through the clouds.

The zip line adventure is also a must for all the adrenaline junkies out there. Starting on some of the smaller zip lines you’ll work your way up until you get to the longest one in Costa Rica – one mile long. You can also opt to fly superman style, arms out either side of you laying flat in the air.

For a bit of culture try the Trapiche coffee tour. The tour guide will tell you everything there is to know about the coffee process, as well as also showing how they make chocolate and sugar. You can even get hands on and make your own sugar at the end of the tour, and you get to taste the chocolate of course.

Or for something a little different what about a night tour? When the sun goes down the animals come out, and your guide will show you all the sloths, snakes and frogs you could dream of. Close up.

So if you’re not a beach babe, and you don’t mind the cold then head to Monteverde…

Want to know where to head after Monteverde? Check out When in Sunny Samara



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