Getting an Adrenaline Rush Abroad

Imagine descending a 50-foot waterfall in amidst the lush green jungle and chattering wildlife. In La Fortuna, Costa Rica, you can. Centred around the famous Arenal volcano the area is beautiful. And filled with adrenaline based activities…

Waterfall rappelling is one of them. Kitted up with harnesses and ropes it’s a mixture of climbing and abseiling down a series of waterfalls. And yes you will get soaking wet. But don’t panic, as long as you follow the guides instructions it’s entirely safe and very fun.

But that’s not the most extreme activity, because the most extreme has got to be Gravity Falls. Which is basically jumping off the top of waterfalls, no harness or anything. A guide will supervise you telling you exactly what to do. And if you don’t consider yourself a dare devil there’s no need to worry as you’ll start small and gradually work up to the big ones… by that time it will be a piece of cake and by far the biggest adrenaline rush you’re going to get.

Another popular activity is none other than white water rafting. With a bunch of mates you bump and slide down rivers in a raft together. Depending on how brave you are you can opt to do level two or level three which is slightly faster and more bumpy.

For those who want something a little less fast paced try horse riding. An organised tour will either take you to the base of the volcano, or to La Fortuna Waterfall. An added bonus of the waterfall trip is that you get the chance to see a native village on the way back – Malecu. Within it you’ll learn all about the traditions and craft of the local people…

Horse riding might not make your stomach turn, but will definitely give you a buzz. Unlike the slow, leisurely horse rides given back in England, these horses are much more lively and much quicker!

But if adrenaline isn’t your thing then just take some time to explore La Fortuna, because it has plenty of shops, wildlife and bars to keep you entertained. And of course there’s the pool, because what’s a hot country without a pool?



Want to know where to head after La Fortuna? Check out Monteverde – The Cloud Forest


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