South Beach Miami – Glamour and Glitz

Beach – check. Shops – check. Restaurants – check. South beach in Miami has everything a beach holiday needs, with the added bonus of being one of the most glamorous places in America with designer cars and A-list celebrities.

It doesn’t come cheap though. Along Ocean Drive you’ll need to fork out up to $100 (around £69) for a sharing cocktail. Saying that you can find some reasonably priced restaurants along the waters edge – including Madero with ‘the best burgers in the world’ which are only $15.

Along Lincoln Road you’ll find all the shops and a range of cafes and restaurants. But what about the beach? As one of the best in the area it stretches for two miles long with white sand and turquoise sea…

Pair that with an ice cold beer and you’re good to go – watch out if you’re a student though, minimum drinking age in America is 21 unfortunately.

All the architecture is 1920’s Art Deco style. They’re not allowed to change the appearance of the outside so if they want to renovate a building all the external walls have to stay put whilst the inside is completely refurbished.

If you’re looking for culture and sightseeing then Miami might not be your cup of your tea. But if you want relaxation, beach and booze (the classy type) then you’ll fit right in.


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