Travel the World, Cruising: Yes or No?

Imagine going to sleep and waking up in a new country. No waiting times, long flights, tiresome taxi journeys – you just go to bed and wake up in the Bahamas or Aruba. Isn’t that the dream? Actually it’s a reality. Which brings us to the question: To cruise or not to cruise?

It’s one of those things that most people are put off by… until they try it, and then they can’t stop.

There’s a huge range of reasons people are put off by it: the idea of being on a boat scares them, getting seasick, it’s only full of old people, there’s nothing to do whilst you’re at sea, and what about the Titanic?

Well firstly cruising is one of the safest methods of travel, nowadays all the ships are equipped with full safety procedures and there are rarely any accidents. The ships are massive meaning you barely notice the rocking, definitely not enough to feel sea sick. It’s like a huge floating resort.

Yes there are a lot of old people, but there’s also a lot of middle aged people, young couples, and even children. In terms of what you can do there is a huge list…

You can go to the theatre, to dinner, and what about the cinema? There’s usually casinos, shops, multiple swimming pools, a library, games rooms, some even have ice skating rinks, or surf simulators. And that’s just the basics.

Events are put on from when you wake up to when you go to bed, you can attend beauty consultations, game shows, dances, chocolate fondue nights and watch movies under the stars, just to name a few.

If you fancy dressing up there’s formal nights where you can get portraits taken beforehand and then enjoy a three course dinner. Or if you like it a little more casual there’s a pretty much 24/7 buffet. There’s also usually additional restaurants like Italian or seafood to cater for different tastes. And did I mention the food is all inclusive?

On the downside it can be very expensive, there’s no denying that. But you can find cheap deals online if you’re willing to be flexible. So is it worth it? It’s one of the most stress free ways to travel. As soon as you board the ship your holiday begins and the travelling part is actually one of the best bits.

At each port you can go on pre-booked excursions like swimming with sea-lions, wine tasting, snorkelling tours or you can just explore the area freely. It’s up to you really, each cruise can be tailored to fit your wants and desires, so if you can afford it why not?



  1. I’ve only ever done one cruise, and that was to see the Norwegian fjords (the best way to see them, apparently). I’d go on an arctic cruise, but wouldn’t do another ‘normal’ one, although I have friends who swear by them.


    1. When we went to the Caribbean a cruise was perfect as there wasn’t masses to see on each island so seeing a few different places for a short amount of time worked really well, but for other places not so much! It depends where you’re going 😊

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