Perks of Solo Travel

The thought of travelling solo can be absolutely terrifying at first. But the reality of it is something else. Yes, the first few days will be unnerving and maybe a little scary, but as soon as you get in the swing of things you’ll have the time of your life…

Here are just some of the many perks of going solo:

Friendship. Travelling solo can be the one of best ways to meet new people. If you’re already with a group of friends people are much less likely to approach you. By staying in hostels you’ll be able to meet other likeminded people who are also on their travels. You’ll end up getting a drink, swapping tips or maybe even travelling on somewhere else together.

Freedom. It’s undeniable the amount of freedom you’ll have. You won’t have any ties so can go where you want, when you want, eat what you want, see who you want and do what ever on earth you want!

Confidence. It will do wonders for your confidence. Being by yourself means there is no option but to be confident and approach others; whether that’s for advice, assistance or just a quick chat. Again it’s something that can be daunting but see it as a challenge, and when you complete it you’ll come back a different person.

No Drama. One thing travelling alone avoids is drama. Being with the same person 24/7 can be pretty intense and can lead to arguments. If you go it alone you can set your own agenda without any problems. It also makes it much more efficient as you don’t spend hours debating which restaurant or bar to go to.

Escapism. Travelling can be a great way to escape life at home; whether you’ve hit a rough patch, become bored of your mundane job or simply want a new experience. By going solo you’ll be able to find plenty of time to reflect and relax. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in the experience more as you won’t be distracted by anyone else.

Boundaries. More than anything travelling is about pushing yourself, and what better way to do that than challenging yourself to going a country (or several) alone?

So if going solo is something you want to try the best way you can counter any anxiety or nerves is by preparing, preparing and then preparing again… Whether or not you stick to the plan is another matter, you might meet somebody and want to go somewhere else or prefer a particular country and want to stay longer. Once you’re there it doesn’t matter, but by doing your research and understanding the country you’re going to beforehand you’ll feel much more relaxed and ready to take on the challenge of solo travel. And have fun with it! You’ll create lifelong memories that will make all the nerves and apprehension worth it.

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