Cocoa and Rum Tasting in the Caribbean

Who doesn’t love chocolate? That’s right, nobody. And there are two very important things you need to learn about when in the Caribbean – chocolate and alcohol. Rum to be specific. Because they love it, and it’s everywhere.


So what’s your first stop when in Grenada? A cocoa plantation of course. You can see how and where they farm the cocoa, where its stored, shipped to, and the best bit is that you can actually try and buy chocolate.

But this isn’t your ordinary chocolate, this is proper chocolate, real chocolate. Made of cocoa beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar – nothing else. No sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives. It’s real chocolate, chocolate that can even be considered as good for you, what could be better than that?

The only thing that’s better than chocolate is alcohol, which is why you need to take a trip to a rum distillery. Again you get to see and learn about the whole process, along with sampling different types.

And don’t forget to explore the island. There’s no better way to learn about different cultures than to just walk around and experience it yourself. Eat in local restaurants, walk on local streets, take in local sights. Try everything you can.

Want to know where to head after Grenada? Check out Snorkelling, Swimming and Semi-Sub Adventures


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