Cooling Down in the Caribbean

In the blistering heat in the Caribbean there’s only one way to cool down, and that’s ice – lots of it. Enter the Magic Ice Kingdom, in the centre of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. It’s filled with sculptures of all sorts and sizes.

There’s dolphins, intricate patterns carved into the wall, igloos, turtles, knights, and the best part? An ice bar where you can get traditional Caribbean rum. The whole thing is pirate themed so you really get in the spirit.

For the child within you (or for actual kids) there’s even an ice slide you can have a whizz on. It only takes about half an hour to look round but any longer than that and you’ll start losing the feeling in your toes. And of course you get the oh so stylish furry hooded capes to stay warm.

So what else is there in St Thomas?

Shopping, lots of it. Well and truly in the pirate sprit there’s rum and silver in abundance. To cater for expensive tastes there’s diamonds and for the cheaper tastes there’s pirate and Caribbean themed souvenirs.

If you’re an animal lover then take a trip to Coral World. There’s aquatic animals of all species, and the best bit? You can actually get up close and personal with the sea lions. The lovable huggable lions are playful and fun swimming alongside you.

And of course there’s the beach, because what’s the Caribbean without a beach?

But what’s perhaps most interesting is the stark contrast between the travel brochure version of the Caribbean and the real thing. Yes, it is incredibly beautiful but what the brochures fail to show you is how poor some parts of the islands are. Part of you almost expects the Caribbean to be entirely made up of white sand beaches and palm trees, real life however is a slightly different story.

Want to know where to head after the US Virgin Islands? Check out Dominica: Waterfalls and Black Sand Beaches


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