Top 10 Tips to Travel Cheaply

Travelling can get very expensive. From accommodation to food and attractions, the bills soon add up. Knowing how to travel on a budget is therefore an absolute must. But how? Follow these top ten tips…

  • Eat local food – Wherever you are in the world, you can guarantee that the cheapest food will be the local stuff. Not only that, but you’ll get to learn a whole lot more about the culture by trying some of the local cuisine. If you’re worried about getting ill try going veggie for a while until your stomach adjusts.

Eat Local Food

  • Use public transport – Substitute taxi’s for public transport when you’re abroad to save money. If English isn’t well spoken where you’re going it may be a good idea to do your research beforehand, otherwise you might end up somewhere unexpected.

Public Transport

  • Research – Prepare, prepare, prepare. Preparation is key wherever you are venturing off to in the world. Buying tickets and researching where to go in advance can save you massive amounts. It will also make sure you don’t waste any precious time trying to work out where to go or what to do.


  • Barter – Now this doesn’t apply everywhere, but in a lot of countries you can barter on everything from goods to entrance fees. And don’t be afraid to either. Most vendors will start at double the price they are actually looking for, sometimes even triple. Just remember to be confident, and if they’re not budging start to walk away. More often than not, the vendor will shout after you and give in.


  • Ask questions –  Don’t be afraid to ask people where the best place to get a bargain is, or for cheap places to eat. The locals will have more knowledge and experience than any travel guide does. Just remember to smile and ask politely and you’re much more likely to get good advice in return.

Ask Questions

  • Share – Sharing is really easy way to save money when travelling. Whether it’s with friends or strangers, cooking dinner together or splitting the cheque for a cab or a hotel room will be a much cheaper alternative to doing it on your own.


  • Hostels – Hostels have come a long, long way from the tacky bed bug ridden stereotype they used to be. Nowadays you can find hostels with everything from pools to rooftop bars. Along with being cheaper than hotels, they’re also great fun and good places to meet people if you’re travelling solo.


  • Free attractions – A lot of us underestimate how much free stuff there is to do when we’re abroad. From beaches to museums there is plenty to see and do without spending lots of money. A lot of the time landmarks are more impressive from the outside anyway.


  • Happy hour – One of the most expensive things when you’re travelling can be alcohol, so making the most of deals like happy hour is a must. Again it all comes down to research and preparing beforehand. If you know where and when it’s 241, then you’re going to save a lot more money than you would otherwise.

Happy Hour

  • Manners – You never know when good manners will come in useful. Whether it’s lending a hand, being polite, or simple giving someone a smile they cost nothing, and you might just get something in return. Give it a try.



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