The Most Romantic Places in Italy

If you’re already dreaming of summer but want something a little special to do this year then look no further. Italy is filled with some of the most unique and romantic places in the world…

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 18.18.05

Try dining in a sea cave – surrounded by candles and the soft blue light of the surrounding ocean this will be a truly unforgettable experience. Built into the Polignano caves in Mare beach the location couldn’t be more secluded, and with mediterranean, seafood and Italian cuisine the Grotta Palazzese will spoil you for choice.


Take a picnic to Burano – one of Italy’s closest islands is filled with brightly coloured houses from lemon yellow to fuscia pink. Bring a picnic and you can relax by the waters edge. The island is a paradise for photographers who are drawn to it’s natural beauty and unique charm, so why not try your hand?

Solo Per Due

Or what about the worlds smallest restaurant? – Solo Per Due is built to cater for only two people, you’re greeted by candles as you approach the driveway. Inside there’s an elegant table set up and also two comfy armchairs by a roaring fire. For ultimate privacy a bell is provided so you can call on the waiter when you’re ready for your next course or any drinks.


If you like being active then try pedalo’s – you can hire them out pretty much anywhere in the Italian lakes. Gently paddle into the centre of Italy’s famous Lake Garda and marvel at your surroundings. For a bit of fun you can hire a pedalo with a slide.


Alternatively you can try a more traditional form of water transport – a gondola. Iconic of Venice, it’s possibly one of the most romantic forms of travel ever. However it’s also very expensive, so for the best experience go at quarter to seven – as late as possible before the price goes up to 100 euros. That way you’ll be more likely to have the gondola to yourselves in a much less crowded and quieter environment.

Lago_di_Carezza_-_Latemar (1)

Or if you’re visiting the dolomites take a look at Lake Carezza – an emerald green lake that reflects the colours of the rainbow. According to legends there was a beautiful mermaid living in the lake which a wizard was in love with. To seduce her, a witch advised him to dress up as jewel merchant and throw a rainbow from Catinaccio to Latemar, but he forgot to dress up and the mermaid detected him, forever disappearing into the lake. The wizard grew angry and threw all the pieces of the rainbow as well as the jewels into the lake forming it’s iridescent surface.

So whether you’re after something active, something romantic or something extraordinary, Italy has plenty of unique experiences to make your stay that little bit extra special.


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