Sunset Camel Rides in Agadir – Morocco

You can travel by car, bus or train, walk or ride a bicycle, but there’s one style of transport you probably haven’t tried… Camel style.

Journey all the way to Agadir, you can take a sunset camel ride – although I wouldn’t recommend much longer than an hour, you may get a little uncomfortable.

There’s something else you should try – Moroccan tea. Made in the most elaborate fashion, it’s brewed, stirred, poured, then repeated and served in quaint little silver tea glasses. It’s a luxury you can find pretty much anywhere in Morocco.


And don’t forget the silver tea pot itself, which is elegantly decorated with small intricate patterns. If you head over to the market you can pick up a tea-set yourself, but if you’re going to go shopping there’s only one place you can go… the Souk.

The Souk is an absolutely humongous market place where locals and tourists alike can shop until their heart’s content. Think of the biggest supermarket you know, and then times it by ten. And the best bit? You can haggle, and don’t be scared to. The hotel reps recommend starting at 25% of the price they originally set, and then working your way up to 50%.

So are there any negatives when visiting Morocco?

Whilst Morocco is extremely beautiful the city itself has a large proportion of abandoned or derelict buildings, which start to take away from the magic. So choosing a hotel that you can get your luxury holiday fill from is vital.

There are a lot of great options to choose from but my choice was the luxurious, even if slightly expensive, Hotel Riu Palace Tikida Agadir. The pool speaks for itself, and the rooms were just what you needed after a long day exploring. But the most important thing in any hotel is the food, and this one had a buffet so big it took half an hour just to work your way around it and choose what you wanted. Other hotel’s worth checking out are the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort, the Riad Villa Blanche and for something more affordable try The Atlantic Hotel.

But what is there to actually do?

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, try dune buggies. You get to race around the sand dunes pretending you’re a formula one driver. Or there’s quad bikes – also very fun, but don’t forget helmets.

For those who want a taste of the Moroccan culture then head over to Fantasia – a theatrical and dining experience combined. Located in a castle you get to try some authentic Moroccan dishes whilst watching snake charmers and belly dancers entertain you. Afterwards you can head outside to see acrobats and fire eaters take centre stage.

So whether its traditional tea and Moroccan cuisine you desire or adrenaline pumped activities, journey to Agadir for a whirlwind of cultural experiences.




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