Mountains and Monkeying Around in Ubud

Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud is filled with hundreds of monkeys. Very, very cheeky monkeys. Several stands are dotted around the sanctuary allowing visitors to buy bananas to feed them. But beware, if you try and hide the bananas they will find them, and they will eat them…

Whether it’s hidden in your pocket, rucksack or handbag, the little rascals will work there way into whatever you have. That’s not to say you shouldn’t feed them though. The lovable creatures are actually very gentle and won’t show any sign of aggression unless you provoke them.

So how do you go about getting a good monkey selfie then?

You can buy a bunch of bananas for just a few quid from one of the stands. The keepers will tell you to hold a banana above your head – that way as soon as a monkey spots the food it will jump onto your shoulders (don’t worry they’re very light and soft footed) which gives you or your friend the perfect opportunity to snap a pic.

Unlike a lot of places which keep monkeys on chains, the monkeys here in Ubud’s sanctuary are completely wild. They can roam in and out of the sanctuary as much as they please, but given that the sanctuary is somewhat of a paradise for them with a constant stream of food that’s where hundreds tend to gather.

Once you’ve had your fill of monkey madness head to the markets in the centre of Ubud to do some shopping. It’s filled with lots of quirky and boutiquey shops perfect for any souvenirs or presents you’re yet to buy.

So what else, fancy getting physical?

How about climbing a volcano at midnight to watch the sunrise… Mount Batur has organised tours where you climb for around three hours with a guide and flashlights up to the top. Then your guide will cook you eggs and toast using the natural heat from the volcano, whilst you watch the sky turn from black through to scarlet red and then a beautiful blue. Before of course, making your way back down.

So whether it’s animals you love, shopping to your hearts content, or getting active Ubud has it all, and some stunning scenery to match.



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