Dolphins, Waterfalls and Temples in Lovina

Lovina, Bali, is filled with things to do. But firstly you’ve got to get there. From Canggu to Lovina it’s about a three hour journey which can be quite boring unless you stop along the way… but where?

One of the highlights along the way is the various temples that populate Bali. There’s Tanah Lot Temple, the temple on the rock which is beautiful, and also Bratan Temple. The more tiers a temple has in Bali the more important it is and Bratan temple has nine – the maximum amount. So why is it so important?

It’s situated on a lake which provides water to the entire region surrounding it. The temple is used to pray and make offerings to the lake and river goddess Dewi Danu in order to ensure there is enough water and the lake stays full.

When in Bali you also need to visit a rice paddy. They’re iconic of the area. And one of the best and biggest is Jatiluwih. Layers of green rice crops make a stunning backdrop and also an important cultural lesson into one of the key food staples of the country.

But one of the most popular stops is Gitgit waterfall in Singaraja – at 35 metres tall it’s an impressive sight. Try and challenge yourself to make it to the centre of the waterfall. A very likely outcome is that the water cascading down will knock you over, much to the amusement of those watching…

And then finally you’ve made it to Lovina. As far north as you can go in Bali, Lovina is one of the lesser visited spots in Bali simply due to the time it takes to get there. The surrounding views are definitely worth a visit though. And not to mention the dolphins! Hire out a boat and spend the day in search of the friendly mammals, or even better get in the water with them and go snorkelling.

A couple of extra things you need to try when visiting the area is a local homestay. By visiting a local family you can experience their home cooked food and learn all about the culture and history of the area. You can even try basket weaving from bamboo, one of the most commonly sold goods in markets.

And lastly, take a visit to Banjar hot springs.The naturally heated water is the perfect way to end a busy day exploring. So lie back, relax, and let all of your tension melt away in the warm volcanic water.



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