Canggu – Bali’s Best Surf Town

What’s Bali famous for? Correct answer – surfing. They absolutely love to surf there, and have some pretty sweet spots for doing so. One of them being Canggu, a little surf town just north of Kuta.

If you’re not that confident in the waves get yourself an instructor, they’ll be able to judge your ability and make sure you catch the right waves. And don’t be disheartened if you fall off, as you’re going to do that a lot. It’s all part of the fun.


The rest of Canggu is pretty relaxed. Head down to one of the local bars and listen to some live music, or try some authentic Balinese cuisine. So what else?

Walking down to the beach you’ll see the sand is of the dark grey to black variety making for some excellent photos. If you don’t fancy tackling the waves there’s a couple of spas dotted around you can unwind in.

For something a little more strenuous but not as active as surfing head to Serenity Guesthouse to try Yoga. Or perhaps bodyboarding is more up your street?

Whilst the area is still pretty rural this isn’t a place for the busy city-goer, it’s one where you can chill out and relax. But there’s still plenty to do to make your stay enjoyable.

Want to know where to head after Canggu? Check out Dolphins, Waterfalls and Temples in Lovina


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