Bali – Temples and Turtles in Kuta

Bali – beautiful, beautiful Bali. Filled with monkeys, temples and breathtaking sunsets. Your first stop? Definitely Kuta.

It’s like the Bangkok of Thailand – the hub of shopping and nightlife, but slightly less crazy and definitely cleaner.

You can get absolutely everything there, from clothes and jewellery to sculptures and art. When you walk down the street you’ll hear locals shout “massage massage” repetitively. And at £4 who wouldn’t want one? Although it’s worth asking them to be gentle if you’re not keen on having your limbs pulled in every direction possible…

For an injection of culture head to Uluwatu temple. Set on the edge of the cliff the view is spectacular. But watch out for monkeys. The ones in Kuta are especially cheeky and will grab anything they can – most commonly flip flops and sunglasses.

For the animal lovers head to Kuta’s sea turtle conservation centre on the beach. The group patrol the sand at night looking for turtle nests. When they find one they bring the eggs in to protect them from birds and being trampled on. And then they wait…

Once the eggs have hatched the group release a message on their Facebook page saying there’s going to be a baby turtle release. Then the public can all join in helping the babies take their first steps into the ocean.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, then what about the beach? Head to Padang Padang, one of Bali’s most famous. Once you’ve made your way down through the rocks you can relax in the secluded area, try some of the local Indonesian food for size.



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